My story

Let me tell you about my journey. If you want to buy/sell or learn the art of real estate, you and I might have shared experiences that could lead us to a strong business connection. I welcome new partnerships which could lead to great friendships. We may even enjoy a Sunday BBQ.

How it started...

Just like every young person, I wanted to leave my parent's home and do what was comfortable for me to obtain success. In my most adolescent years, I would come to understand what I didn't want, which told me what I did want.

I am the last person on earth to brag, but I want to share the article below written by a friend of mine about my career. In real estate, meeting people on a personal level leads to successful relationships. I want you to know me on a personal level. See what you think, and consider whether or not I'm someone you want to work with.

Adversity Sparks a Journey

Ronny Wilson withholds an essence of persistence that mirrors the traits of highly successful people. Raised in Lewiston, Idaho and uprooted to Kent, Wa, Ronny used his challenges and adversity to propel him forward regardless of circumstance.

Perseverance works.

Positive motivation and determination were actively developed in him at a young age of sixteen when he purchased used clothes to resemble the uniforms at Albertsons. 

It was a tip that he read about on how to get employment. For eight weeks, Ronnie rode his bike to his desired job at Albertsons and would fill out a new application, and every day, the manager told him.

"We are not hiring."

Until one day, Rose, the manager, who knew him by name due to his daily determined visit, finally hired him.

Some people would call cleaning toilets a low point. It boosted me forward.

Even while cleaning toilets, Ronny strategized by paying co-workers for their shifts and saving every paycheck to buy a car. He immediately exhibited proof to his employers, co-workers, and friends that he had the positive momentum to fuel success and be a highly functional leader that thrived with optimal performance.

Only a high school junior, Ronny seized every available opportunity presented. While taking business classes, he moved out of his parent's home and simultaneously, assumed the presidential role of The Future Business Leaders of America.

Moving along...

At 18 years old and a business student at Green River Community College in Auburn, Ronny was a natural fit to be president of the school's business program and president of DECA-Distributive Education Clubs of America. 

Ronny quotes: "I was head of the business department at school and then DECA because I was their (business school) poster child."

Ronny's continued diligence led him another promotion to Albertson's store manager, which took precedence over his second year of college.

Ronny explains his youthful perception at that time. "My thinking was anyone can go to college right now at this age. Not everyone can be the youngest store manager in the company... I was capable of far more than I thought I was."

Eventually, Ronny learned that his love for inspiring and motivation of people would no longer fit into the corporate molding of supermarkets. 

I learned where I didn't need to be.

"I cared about uplifting people and helping people grow, and upper management wasn't interested." After a particularly difficult day feeling exhausted by corporate scolding, Ronny made a pivotal decision about his career.

Inspired to call a friend in Real Estate, Ronny took classes, passed his exam, and became a real estate agent. He describes his passion and headstrong values that drove him.

"I was stubborn, and so I worked every single day, seven days a week. I did an open house every single day for the first hundred days. And I just got married, and while I was at that point, failure wasn't an option for me."

After only six months on the job, he won salesperson’s rookie of the year. Real Estate matched Ronny's personality and gave him the ability to help people pursue their dreams. Through booming business, and buying rental properties, including ownership of twenty rental properties, he became an owner at Keller-Williams. 

Since then, Ronny is now teaching others how to maintain their income through real estate investing. He survived the real estate market crash and withstood the slow come-back with continued stability with his finances. He is teaching people how to hold steady real estate investments, including flipping and renovation of properties and maintaining the value of the properties even though a fluctuating market. His knowledge stems from over 1500 transactions and continued practice on performance strategies.

"I love teaching people to be investors and to be smart investors again, to learn from my mistakes and to do it correctly."

Ronny explains how he uses his experience to help people.

"(Through experience) You know all the good and the bad and the horror stories. I love to be able to use that to guide people to buy and sell real estate directly with referrals and friends and past clients. That's why I like doing that. That's exactly why I like using my experience to help people, to help people, invest in real estate correctly. And then I love to teach people how to get into real estate and to live a life."

Mission statement

"My mission is to help as many humans on the face of the earth grow through real estate. To inspire people to be better by taking action. To greater the masses by making a plan for their lives and have fun doing it."

Professional experience

Founder of Icon Real Estate Group

2016 - Present

Manager at Albertson's

1992 - 2000

Meet my family

My family is the whole reason I thrive. Aren't we cute?  We are a supportive family. It is a true blessing that we are able to share in so much. Things we do together include church, CrossFit, pontoon boat rides and games in the backyard.  Left to right: Gavin, Me, Kennedy, my wife Rachel, Grace, and Lincoln.