Success story

West Hill Flip

Success story

Dash Point Flip

There was this cool duplex on the river that I flipped with my bare hands.


Renting out: The buy and hold

Calculate profit

Make sure the property makes a significant profit per month. It’s the deciding factor of whether or not your property is a burden or a blessing. A property that makes $250 or more is a profit. While buying, be aware of mandatory disclosures.

Consider rentability

Make sure the property is rental conducive to, meaning items inside the home or apartments are cheaper disposable items. If you supply tenants with expensive, complex items, the items will need maintenance.

Make it official

If you fix up a rental, you can get a new appraisal and save money by refinancing, which will objectively show the increase in value.

Contact me

I can help you work through paperwork accurately, educate you about your rights as a landlord, and help you find good rental options.

More common questions

How do you fund the purchase of rental properties?
Where do you search for potential rentals?

Ronny is a very smart real estate broker, he will answer all your questions and also inform you of all the details. He will show you the homes that are perfect for you, or if you are selling, he will market your home to be sold fast. Get in contact with Ronny! I have learned so much from him already.